‘It was taken out of context.’

By October 9, 2014Blog

A complaint often made by those quoted negatively in the media.

I’ve illustrated the issue on my website.  Jeff Reines, the news editor of the West Briton paper and website, wrote a summary of his experience of working with me.  I’ve chosen to quote him on the homepage as a testimonial snippet:

“I’d look elsewhere.”

Controversial? Ill advised to highlight? Ironic?  I think it’s a light hearted  way to illustrate the importance of context.  In full, Jeff said:

“I’ve worked closely with Lisa in various capacities and she is honest, ethical, professional, responsive, hard-working and a great communicator. She’s serious and determined when she needs to be, but always good fun and one of the best people I know. If these are not qualities you would desire in someone working on your behalf, I’d look elsewhere.”

Context is everything.

I help companies who have suffered a ‘misunderstanding’  by righting the wrong and offering advice on avoiding such miscommunication in the future.  Do get in touch if this is you…and I promise not to misquote you.

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